A Love Bite

Oh…those happy days
Seems we’ve left it too soon
While this heart feels grooms
Oh…what a pretty little smile
That i’ve lost it be true
It’s smile from you

Well i keep on trying
Just to be good friend
But it’s upside down
Comin’ to your life
To be next to you
It makes me feel drowned …baby

Girl … Tell me what’s goin’ wrong
You just ended this tune
And it’s gonna break my heart soon
Oh… Just tell me what you need
I’ll be right on feet
Just to get you lead

Try to keep me alive in a harmony
But you throw me around
Be a part of your dream
It’s impossible girl
I’m off the ground

[reff 1]
How could it be
I’m reachin’ out for love can you see
I didn’t know if i’m dyin or livin
Would you realize tears have lost my mind
The night you let me feel your lovebite


Days goes years gone by
You keep stay on myside
As a song i’ll write
Girl… Just send me your kiss
That’s the one that i missed…
Your little cherry red lips

Try to keep me alive
In an empty side
Make my craziness too …
I must find a way
To make you love me
That’s the only thing i wanna do

[reff 2]
How could it be
I’m turning down but you didn’t see
Please show to me your pulse of emotion
Would you realize…don’t you ever compromize girl
Give me a piece of your lovebite

Na …nanana…
Na …nanana…

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