After The Love Is Gone

For awhile, to love was all we could do
We were young and new and our eyes were alive
Deep inside we knew our love was true

For awhile, we paid no mind to the past
We knew love would last, every night – something right
Would invite us to begin the dance

* But something happened along the way
What used to be happy was sad
Something happened along the way
And yesterday was all we had

Oh, after the love is gone
How could you lead me on
And not let me stay around
Oh,after the love is gone
What used to be right is wrong
Can love that was lost be found

For awhile, to love each other was all we would ever need
Love was strong for so long
We never knew that what was wrong was right
We tried to find what we’d had but sadness was all we shared
We were scared our affair would tear our love in two