Am I Robot

Everyday I swore to you
To make it happen, it is true
To be the light
To see the love
It’s more than just
Like we both do

At the first time you and I
Broke the cage you let me trough
You gave it all
And so I did
And till I fall
You said that

You are robot
Not a human
Or you are robot
Act like human

I can’t believe that life is real
I think it’s only common steel
We can’t escape
We have to choose
And play it like we used to do

I try so hard to be the one
Can handle all those
Complicated lies
So if you leave me now
Can’t you see?
Am I failed or

Am I robot?
Not a human
Or am I robot
Act like human
Am I robot?
Not a human
Or am I robot?
Act like human

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