Ponytail to Shushu (English Version)

Earlier than the calendar
I’m already rolling up my sleeves
Feels like the sun is coming close
so I’m changing clothes for the season

Within the blue sea
near the beach,
I want to meet you
splashing water barefooted

Your ponytail (is swinging)
in the wind
You’re running (I’m running)
on the sand
Your ponytail (is swinging)
when you turn your head
My summer is starting
with your smile

The classroom is basking in the sun
Temperature is rising for daydreams
Looking at you in front of me
makes my chest painful

It’s impossible
to say that I like you
So I murmur my feelings
to your back figure

Your ponytail (stings my heart)
Just in my dream
Whole of you (all of me)
wish to possess it
Your ponytail (stings my heart)
with unrequited feeling
When our eyes meet
I know we’re just friends

Your long hair is bundled
in a polkadot scrunchie
I cannot catch that
tail of love
If I touch it, this illusion
will disappear

Your ponytail (don’t untie it)
keep it like usual
You are you (I am me)
and we’re just running
Your ponytail (don’t untie it)
forever and ever
I want you to be free
like a girl supposed to be


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