Rocket Ship Goes By

I remember when you said
We have come from outsight world
Full of grass and only love
Sleeping, eating so full of joy

You are something new
And suddenly appear
Am I caught in bigger picture or
Am I trapped in paralyzed mind of you?

When I listen to this song
That’s connected by its parts
Stimulated trough the heart
It’s only you that I regard

Baby I should not have believed it
But, oh no I sink and dream it
It’s so foolish and it’s a joy
I would never be restored

Yea, I put my trust on me
Not on you not even this world
To see the truth, oh yeah, oh no
They only saw it on TV

And I almost believe it
All the promises you’ve made
Just to set up the gasoline
That you gave to me
It can’t be real

And now it’s time for the rocket ship goes by
I knew it’s broken but I made it fly
I’m sorry baby
I’ve got a good home
Until we have to say goodbye

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