Super Visor Go

You kill the culture
You kill the culture yesterday (yesterday)

What do you think about it?
What do you think about it anyway? (anyway)

We are the victim
We are the great thieves of the month (of the month)

We are not in danger
We’re youth of tomorrow and today (and today)

When I saw you come along
I don’t know what’s going on
Is it me who don’t want to know
Are you coming from the future?

When you see me at the mall
You already know that I am yours
I thought you’re a U.F.O
Or are you coming from the future?

You’re in fashion
Super visor
Look so gorgeous
Super visor

Colorful in fashion
Colorful invention that’s what you are (what you are)

You are the greatest thing for our life (for our life)

Nothing’s going to beat you
Nothing’s going to beat you; I’m on your side (on your side)

Let’s take control
Take control the world for you and I (you and I)

Super Superb
Super visor GO!

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